The Dexter season 9 photo has revealed that Dexter Morgan, the title character of Dexter Morgan, has a new identity. Dexter, which debuted in 2006, quickly became a cult favourite and was one of Showtime’s most popular shows. For his portrayal as the anti-hero, Michael C. Hall was awarded a variety of awards.

For eight seasons, the main character was a forensic-blood-spatter analyst. He also had deadly hobbies. The season ended with one of the most controversial sign-offs ever seen on television. Dexter faked his death in the final episode after Debra, his sister, died. He was an Oregon lumberjack and became an insular logger.

Showtime announced that Dexter would return to the series for a 10-episode limited series. Michael will reprise his role. Clyde Phillips, the original showrunner of the series, will be directing it. After four seasons, he left the series. Dexter season nine is set in Iron Lake, New York. Showtime released a trailer teasing the upcoming season.

The trailer showed that Dexter, still a serial killer, now appears as the titular serial killer. He also has a new job. Showtime shared the Twitter image of Dexter season 9, which shows an employee badge that features the face and description of the character. The badge states that his name is now Jim Lindsay, and he works as a Fred’s Fish & Game sales associate.

Director Marcos Siega confirmed the new name and career. Dexter could now be known as Jeff Lindsay, a patron of the show’s creator. He will be kept out of the spotlight by his role at a fishing supply shop. Through his new job, Dexter might also be allowed to enter the lake, providing a haven for corpses.

Season 9 of Dexter is expected to be darker than in previous seasons. Michael is the only confirmed actor to be returning from the original cast. Jamie Chung suggested that some of the cast members might be back from the original series. Jamie was a podcaster for true crime. Fans might be shocked by the new season, but Michael and Clyde have been working on the next chapter for many years.

This means that the revival series is well planned. It remains to be seen for how long Jim Lindsay will retain that name. Fans can expect Dexter to continue his role as the favourite serial killer.

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